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Wooden Packing And Crating

Speed Line Shipping has always kept nature and its safety at priority and hence anything used in the procedure of moving is eco-friendly. While making Card Board LED Boxes, this fact has been kept in mind that they can be re-used and thus, trees cutting can be prevented for maintaining the environmental balance. So, this time when you plan to move with packers and movers, ensure that they use Card Board LED box for packing your LCD/LED to keep their life and beauty intact.

We provide fast crating and packaging services using top-quality wooden crates. We build for commercial, residential, local, out of state, and international uses. Some items require special crates for safe transportation; that’s why we custom-build each crate depending on your needs. Contact us today to request our services for your next move. Our mission is to make your next move as easy as possible.

Wooden Crate

  • High Value LCD/LED TVs are packed in wooden crates made by hammering nails to close the final lid of crate.
  • Hammering leads to hairline fractures like damages (also called micro fractures) on the LED/LCD screens as well as its circuit that ultimately leads to reduction of its life.
  • Nearly 45 hammer blows are involved in making one crate and each hammer reduces your product’s life by 1 month. Hence 45 hammerings would mean 45 months of age reduction. Each shifting reduces product’s life by 4-5 years.
  • This also acts as a barrier to the resale value of your products.