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Heavy Lift Lashing

Heavy lift cargo includes oversized structures or equipment that can’t be broken down into smaller pieces. Speed Line Shipping provides heavy lift services that are ideal for moving what others can’t. We have experience moving unusually large and heavy items across the country and across the world for multiple industries, including oil and gas and even shipping heavy equipment for military. We have access to a reliable network of commercial transport equipment necessary to make difficult moves.

Examples of heavy lift freight include turbines, generators, compressors, specialty vehicles, construction equipment, parts of oil rigs, among others. If you need to transport heavy equipment by land, air or sea, or a combination of the above, Speed Line Shipping Services can handle your move within the constraints of your deadline.

Features of Heavy Lift Shipping

Heavy lift cargo is classified as indivisible items weighing over a ton up to over a thousand tons and have widths and/or heights that exceed 100 meters. Specialty vehicles, vessels and equipment is needed to safely and effectively transport these items via land, air or sea. When shipping items by sea, crane vessels or crane ships may be utilized as well as barges or other heavy lift vessels. Flo-flo vessels are also an option. These are semi-submerging vessels that can be slightly submerged to allow another floating structure to be loaded onto the vessel.

Shipments that exceeds the size requirements for regular cargo aircraft and special large volume cargo planes are required to move exceptionally large items. Large volume cargo aircraft include Antonovs and Boeing 747 cargo planes.

Benefits of Transporting Heavy Cargo with Speed Line Shipping

  • Tracking & Timing: Our clients have access to our online portal and can view the status of their cargo anytime.
  • Loading & Unloading: We take care of loading and unloading as necessary, whether your equipment needs to be transported by plane, barge or truck. We use cranes, SPMT vehicles and whatever equipment is necessary for getting your heavy cargo aboard the transport.
  • Global Network: We ship products and equipment around the world and have managed international project cargo as well as international shipping and distribution. We have the network to move your oversized equipment anywhere in the world.
  • Specialists in Heavy Lift Transport: The Speed Line Shipping staffs are well experienced. This gives us a highly competitive level of knowledge and expertise.

Contact Speed Line Shipping Services Today

When you use Speed Line Shipping for transporting your cargo, you can rest assured that we personally supervise your shipment every step of the way, and you will always know exactly where it is. Enlist us to do what we do best: move what others can’t. We love a challenge. Contact us to discuss your heavy lift cargo today.